Skeletal Bat Dome Display Workshop


Skeletal Bat Dome Display Workshop


£200  per ticket

In this one day workshop you will learn the proper way to hang an articulated bat skeleton in a naturalistic pose, create a fantasy or lifelike display  within a cloche/ dome.   Natural  insects, bones, mosses, sticks and fantasy items will be on hand to craft your display.   You are welcome to bring any items you would like to put into your display. 
Students will learn everything they need to know to create their very own finished piece. This class covers all details from start  to finish and will leave  with the basic  knowledge for what they need to create their own pieces in the future. All specimens are ethically sourced. Ticket price includes all tools and materials for use in class.
Please do not bring any deceased animals to class. 
 The necessary details.   
This one day workshop will be taught at Pandora's Box in York City Centre. Transportation is not provided and is your responsibility.
Sensitive people may not be able to handle this course. You are the best judge of your ability. 
Live animals are never used!  Refunds will not be provided. In the event of complicated and extenuating circumstances a credit towards a future unfilled class will be issued.
 A break approximately halfway through the class will be provided. You can bring snacks/beverages in and there are toilet facilities and a sink. We are located near many sandwich shops and bakeries. 
 Outside observers can not be accommodated as our space is limited. If you'd like to purchase a ticket for observation only, you can purchase one for £30. Please contact us to schedule as an observer. 
If you'd like to photograph the class but not take part, please contact us ahead of time to purchase an observer's ticket and make arrangements.  
Students must be at least 18 years old to participate. 

Please let us know if you have any questions that aren't covered here!  

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