A Pandora's Box, a curiosity grab bag of mystery and wonder!

A Pandora's Box, a curiosity grab bag of mystery and wonder!

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This is now a limited item that will be offered only at certain times of the year in limited quantities to protect the quality and offer a more interesting product. We do not currently offer this product outside of the UK due to rising shipping costs and the decreased exchange rates.

This is the offering for Christmas 2018 and orders will arrive in time for Christmas and will come ready to wrap and give!

This is a box of wonder and mystery and often humour put together by us to awe and surprise you! You will receive a variety of items, they could be natural history items, small pieces of taxidermy, medical antiques, oddities, teeth, surgical tools, animal skulls, preserved animals and specimens of all kinds. 

With your order, please include up to 3 facts about yourself and your collection to help us make you happy! If you are up for a bigger surprise and have no aversions or singular interests, we would love to surprise you!  Please let us know if you have a date you'd like to receive it by as the orders take 1-2 weeks to process before shipping out. We can speed this up to help you receive a gift in time! 

Obviously the more you pay the more you will get! Your box COULD include, small taxidermy, wet specimens, antique or vintage medical stuff, bones, animal skulls, animal or human teeth, a Tshirt, or any number of crazy great things you've seen us post! 
You will NOT receive all or necessarily any of the items in the photographs. Your box could include medical photos, antique postcards, preserved insects or animals, animal fur or claws, antique medical tools, bottles or equipment, vintage trading cards, stickers, humorous items, silly toys, dental molds and teeth or even a doll's arm. :)
 Some of those photos are customer photos of the boxes they've reviewed and others are an example of our stock. Boxes will always include a list stating the value (unless you indicate it is a gift and then we will leave values off!) of all enclosed items and your box will always have a retail value higher than your paid amount. Please remember, the more you spend, the more you'll get. If you need an amount not listed, contact us and we will arrange it.  

 Please do not purchase if you're outside of the UK as it will take a minimum of 7-10 days to refund you. We will not honour orders placed from outside the UK without prior arrangements. 

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