We have had many photographers approach us to take pictures in our shop. We are more than happy to allow you the opportunity. Please contact us to make arrangements. 

We are able to have parties in the shop for birthdays and other occasions. We can accomodate parties of up to 10. Please stop in and discuss your ideas with Heather today. 

If you'd like to rent out the store or props for a movie or photo shoot, please contact us, we offer extremely competitive rates.

We rent out our items for props for movie studios, television, teaching purposes and photographers. In all cases we require a deposit that covers the full value of the item. Rental rates vary based upon the length of the rental ranging from 10- 30% of the item's value.

We offer a significantly discounted rate for educators! Children should always have the opportunity for a hands on experience when it comes to natural history. We are also able to do fun presentations in your classroom or for your home school group in the store or your location nearby. These rates will absolutely take into consideration your needs and services may even be donated . Please Email us for more information as we welcome the opportunity to teach and share our fascination of natural history with growing minds!  


Below are some images from a Halloween party where multiple pieces of taxidermy from the shop were rented and on display as an example.