Victorian Era Genuine Human Skull on a Custom Stand

Victorian Era Genuine Human Skull on a Custom Stand


This incredible skull has all of the original teeth. The sutures are very distinctive and beautiful. The calvarium is slightly askew, and his nose is very crooked.  

He comes with a custom stand created by Greg Bowser. Greg utilizes found fixtures, copper, brass and vintage and new parts in his original stands. This particular stand has a brass base and stands approximately 11 inches at it's highest point. With the skull set atop, it is about 18 inches tall for an impressive display. 

A beautiful example of a victorian medical skull, please study the photos well and don't hesitate to ask any further questions. 

We can not ship skulls to NY, GA or TN in keeping with those state laws. There is no federal law against human skulls with the exception of the skulls and bones belonging to Native Americans. More information is available on our FAQ page. 


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