Little Turtle Wet Specimen

Little Turtle Wet Specimen


These turtles come one to a jar and we have several available. Yours will be chosen at random from the available friends at the time of your order. We can not guarantee a specific one as we have them available at our brick and mortar shop as well and stock changes daily in our store. Yours will absolutely be as cute as these little guys.  These measure about 3 inches in length  and 2 inches in width and are in a jar that's about 4 inches tall.

 All of our wet specimens have been professionally preserved in formalin (sometimes by us, sometimes by other professionals we trust to do it professionally!) and then transferred to alcohol for stable long term storage. They will be shipped without liquid and with instructions for re-wetting your specimen. 

 Please enquire before purchase if you are outside of the UK. This does NOT ship to the US or most other countries. .  Please do not purchase if you're outside of the UK as it will take a minimum of 7-10 days to refund you.

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