Diaphonized Mouse Globe Bauble/Ornament

Diaphonized Mouse Globe Bauble/Ornament


This listing is for a single diaphonized mouse in a hanging glass globe. This is a globe that is approximately 2 inches across. This would make a great Christmas display but would look amazing in a curiosity cabinet year round.

These mice are chemically treated to make the flesh clear and the bones a vibrant bright pink color. This type of preparation is normally used by biologists to study the bones of small animals.  Diaphonization is a multi-step chemical process that involves precision and chemistry experience.  We prepare these ourselves and have for several years now. 

It is preserved in a stable fluid and will remain beautiful for years to come. We will happily give instructions on how to change the fluid if needed in the future

There will be several available and you will receive one of the available ornaments at random. These are a Pandora's Box Original and are available year round by custom order as well.


 Please enquire before purchase if you are outside of the UK. This does NOT ship to the US or most other countries. .  Please do not purchase if you're outside of the UK as it will take a minimum of 7-10 days to refund you.

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