Diaphonized, Clear and Stained Stingray

Diaphonized, Clear and Stained Stingray


This is a diaphonized sting ray. This specimen has undergone double staining which turns the bones red and the cartilage blue. By far, our favorite in house created specimen to date. This jar is 6.5' tall by 4" in diameter.  

iaphonization is when a scientist uses chemical processing (and lots of patience and skill)  to render the flesh clear and the bones vibrant shades of red to deep purples to create a complete view of the skeletal structure of an animal.  Greg began processing animals in this process several years ago and felt strongly about bringing it to the commercial collector's market. 

This has been professionally preserved by us and will be shipped insured via USPS priority mail. The liquid inside is a food grade medium with a proprietary antifungal blend to insure that your specimen will last indefinitely.  Upon arrival, the liquid may look uneven and wavy, that is due to movement and will settle soon after.  We do not harm any animals for our work and only utilize animals who died a natural or unavoidable death. We believe that preserving animals allows them to live on for science, education and beauty. 

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