Beagle Skull, stillborn puppy, Genuine animal bone, skull.

Beagle Skull, stillborn puppy, Genuine animal bone, skull.


This is the tiny skull of a stillborn beagle puppy.  This skull is very small, it is in impeccable condition with no breaks just separation at the top where the skull naturally has yet to fuse. The teeth are just below the jawline, having not erupted before it's untimely death. A really lovely small skull, rare and unusual. 

The skull is hinged by cartilage and does open and close when handled cautiously.  You will receive this exact skull.

THIS DOES NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF UK/EU. If you purchase this item and live outside the area, it will take us 7-14 days to process the refund. Thank you. 

Animal skulls are items that were used by their previous owners. This means that their teeth might be worn, have caries or even be missing. If any are missing, we will let you know but an absolutely perfect specimen is near impossible when we do not harm anything for our products. 

No animals are ever harmed specifically for our work.  

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