Musings and Updates From Our Little Curiosity Shop, February


What kind of shop is this?

 Passerby come in and try to categorise our shop.  We call it antiques and oddities and it has gone by several names and through several incarnations.  Our shop has always been one of a kind. Other shops of some similar finds created by like minded people exist, but no two can possibly be exactly alike. It is born from our own passion and fascination with anything different. We don't stock our shop thinking of just what you would like, we shop like collectors and decorate our shop like it is our living breathing child. When you walk in and you don't understand, it's ok.

If you walk in and you understand, Welcome, we hope you share your passion for all things dark and beautiful. To love 'dead things' is far more about being alive than being dead.  Our shop is an opinion. We didn't one day decide " I'm going to make this weird place". It evolved organically from a little hobby into this living breathing all consuming romance. It is about art and death and humour and anything that we like enough to look at. We name things, we hoard things, we create. We have mad scientist creations and pretty little bits of jewelry made with the strangest things you'll see. We see beauty and fun and life all around in these things that are disregarded as creepy or just for Halloween.  

Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, 23, February and while this shop is a business, it's also a huge part of our life and marriage. The marriage of two people is what has created this enigmatic collection, the whimsy next to the macabre.  Sometimes we blend the two together into something even better. When we first started out, we just bought what we liked and sold it again,( unless it found it's way to our own collection.) That personal collection and the pieces within it range from little pieces of seaglass to deformed bones, taxidermy of all sorts and strange old advertising pieces and even erotic little teacups. We do keep a few bits from our personal collection in the shop. We love to share them, they are special to us and people enjoy seeing them. I know some of you get disappointed by the little signs declaring them "not for sale" but we did move across an ocean with very little of our former collection  and to part with such dear dead pet friends is too painful. They will continue to keep me company as they decorate grace the shop and we will do our best to find similar pieces for your collections. 

Everything you see in the shop is always  hand selected by one of us, until one of you is so tickled by the sight of it, that you have to take it home with you. We like to feel like our discoveries go to good homes.  The exception to this is that we have some very special items that have been created by family members and they're all for sale, our teddies, our candles and plaster skull art decorations and ornaments. Our wonderful family supports us in our every endeavour and we are proud of their creations. 

So to fully answer that question?  We are a curiosity shop, an antiques shop, a shop of collectors and hoarders, a shop for artists and creatives and a carefully curated museum style shop. We are a classroom, a miniature lecture hall, a natural history emporium, a small taxidermy shop, teachers and learners and explorers who  desperately hope we can't ever be properly categorised. 

Upcoming Events

We are working hard to schedule lectures, events and fun classes here in the shop. If you have ideas or would like to contribute to this effort, please send an email to   Heather . 

We love the idea of creating a community of like minded people in York, people who love the odd marriage between life and death, the beautifully macabre and general weird stuff. 

We will be starting small mammal taxidermy classes, themed walks, lectures on death, butterfly pinning classes and a series of children's classes as well. The shop is available for prop rental or film rental as well.