Four years as a brick and mortar and other updates and thoughts.

We are so appreciative of our customers and friends. So many customers have become real friends and that's a bonus we never expected. Thank you all. 

People frequently ask if what we do is hard and tell us how lucky we are. We are lucky, incredibly so! We know this. It is very hard. The same struggles that you experience with any job exist but the worries are larger because it's yours so you naturally care more.    

We have been taking Thursdays off for a few weeks now and while we know that may be inconvenient for some,  it's necessary to have time off together.  

We have a big sale and anniversary party coming up on July 25th to celebrate 4 years as a brick and mortar shop.  

Some of you have been following us for most of that time, some of you have just found us! We value you all so much.

We have shipped items to Australia, England, Denmark, Canada and all over the United States.  As we direct more business to our website, we find we also ship a lot of items to people who are within an hour or two of the shop. We would love to meet you if you haven't made it in. Those online sales are an integral part of our business, but I promise there is so much more to see than you can see on the site or Instagram.  

We recently received some Reader's Choice Awards and were incredibly flattered to receive   # 1 in Milford for both Gift Shop and Antiques & Vintage along with an honorable mention for Home Decorating Store.  We also received a Regional Silver For Antiques& Vintage and a Regional Bronze for Museum! The museum one really struck us as funny, but people do come to visit like we are a museum. We have no immediate plans to charge admission to the shop :) 

Thanks for reading our rambling shop updates!