Our webstore has been live for a week and you have all been wonderful with purchases and compliments. Thank you! We know how lucky we are to have you guys bring us from the hobbyist dealers and multi-dealer shop vendors to the full time store we have become. We  We will still sell on Etsy for now and have our occasional Instagram crazy sales, but we really were more than ready for our own shopping site outside of the group sites!  We feel really grown up and official. 

As things expire in our Etsy  shop, we will probably re-post them onto our site here since Etsy's restrictions continue to grow. We specialize in several areas that are not allowed or are highly regulated on Etsy. These items are restricted due to moral objections vs any legal issues.  We recognize that not being able to pay via paypal on our site is a drawback for some. If you send us a quick email, we will happily send an invoice via paypal to you so you can still pay that way.  At the end of the day,  we like making you guys happy and we like working to find solutions to get you the cool stuff you want! 

Please let us know what you want to see more of and what you think! :)  

Heather BowserComment