York, England is getting a bit weirder today

I know for some of you it has been shocking to find us gone from our Milford location. Greg is English and we've decided to come home. Since the Visa process is quite complex, we were unable to share this until it was a definite. At that point, we had 30 days to go! so Milford, we can't thank you enough for all you did for our little dream. We will miss you dearly. 

So here we are, today we have moved Into our new shop location in York, England. We are located at 21 Colliergate and will be unofficially open almost right away as we need to get business going again! We have some great hopes and dreams for this new space and can't wait to share them with you. We will likely have a Christmas Open House with an opening party in early December but will be open for business by the 10th of November. We will update this on our social media and events pages. We invite our new local friends and customers to swing by anytime after Tuesday just to say hello and see the boxes. No formal open hours will be posted until we are settled. 

We are so excited to be here in York! Thanks everyone for your business. We need you and won't ever treat you otherwise. <3 

Heather BowserComment