Well, we are working hard to figure out a way to streamline the shop's work, email, Instagram, Facebook and Etsy, we get messages everywhere and frequently, I forget to send photos to people until I am back home and not with the stuff I need to photograph. Being flaky like this causes anxiety. I am trying out a few apps to see if I can learn how to organize things. The good news is, our tiny shop is often too much work for one person now. Some days ( like today) there's a stream of people through and I can't do any of my "to do" list.  We hope you aren't too frustrated as I figure this out!  Hopefully this new website helps you find information you need!

That tangent is over. I had a wonderful time tonight using some creepy miniatures and amazing little oddities to make one of a kind Christmas ornaments. We will be setting up the mandatory Christmas decorations in the shop this week. Let the unusual merriment begin!  

Heather BowserComment