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Pigeon Taxidermy Class with Katie Innamorato

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This class will introduce beginning taxidermists to the process of bird taxidermy. Birds require different processes to mammals. All materials are provided by the teacher and this class will be fancy pigeons. The students will learn how to wrap the body and how to manage feathers and create a life like mount. Students will leave with their own bird mount at the end of class. 

Minors are allowed in class as long as they are supervised by a parent, or if older than 16 come with signed parental consent.

Katie Innamorato, artist and Rogue Taxidermist, is a member of the M.A.R.T. or Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists. She is professionally and self taught in taxidermy; winning awards and ribbons every year at the GSTA. As with all M.A.R.T. members she adheres to strict ethical guidelines when acquiring specimens. She uses roadkill, frozen feeders, scrap skins from other taxidermists and the garment industry, and donated skins to create her artwork, almost every part of the animal is utilized.

Her work has been featured recently on the new Science Channel show, "Odd Folks Home," on the hit Science and Discovery Channel TV show, "Oddities," and exhibited at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

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