Greg, Mad Scientist, Genius and Creator

Greg has a fascination with all that is shocking, morbid and pushes the boundaries of  what is normal or socially acceptable.  He is an endless source of seemingly useless facts and information, knowing all details of numerous infamous killers and criminals. He tackles all of the shop's custom mounts and sculptural design work. He has the technical expertise of an engineer and mixes this with his  natural eye for design  to create incredible and original pieces that stand out boldly in today's growing field of bone artists and creations.   He learned about diaphonization several years ago after seeing a documentary  and  taught himself the process. Through much trial and error he perfected his process and his work is what sets Pandora's Box apart from other antique and oddity shops.   He can be found in and out of the shop and sometimes will smile a little bit, if you smile first. 

Greg grew up in Yorkshire, England finding little dead bits of things and trying to put them back together. He's quiet and possibly insane.  He once had a chicken named Henrietta who he took for rides in an old pram. They leapt over obstacles that he created out of bits and pieces that he found. If that doesn't prove how innovative he is, nothing will.  


Heather, Self Declared Boss and Head of Weird and Twisted.

Heather has always loved antiques and vintage. She is the embodiment of the word quirky. She has a great affinity for anthropomorphic taxidermy and dressing and naming all of the creatures that pass through. She has a twisted streak that leads to some wonderfully odd décor choices and humorous displays. She makes her own anthropomorphic taxidermy pieces and frequently makes dioramas depicting animals in various situations.  Every day is art class and her desire to entertain herself usually wins over any sensibility. She loves medical antiques, ephemera and wet specimens.  She's quick with a smile and loves to visit with our customers and make them feel welcome. 

She grew up in Connecticut following the beat of a song only she can hear.  She had been known to hold roadkill funerals prior to learning bone processing and preservation. She's been collecting unusual antiques and collectables for most of her life. She once stole an unborn shark fetus from her school's  science dissection lab and harassed other students with it until she was reprimanded and forced to return it.  She doesn't buck the system too much anymore beyond embracing all that is unusual. 

She can be frequently found in the shop and is always eager to help and share information about all of the items we have curated. 

Joint endeavors

Heather and Greg work together to buy for the shop and plan designs and ideas for future creations. Heather frequently makes suggestions for what Greg should create next and he accepts most challenges.  They do taxidermy, bone processing and much of the shops day to day operations in tandem, each having their own role in a great partnership. Either can help you when you visit the shop, if you're into skull mounts and serial killers, seek out Greg and if you'd like to call wet specimens cute and pet the small taxidermy, Heather is your best bet. 

Pandora is their best joint endeavor. The shop's namesake is frequently seen in store, helping, rearranging and assisting customers or seeking to make her voice heard as she knows she is truly the boss.